Inauguration of Children’s Park

On the 11th April 2019, there was a colorful inauguration for the recently planned Making More Health children’s play park at the tribal hospital in Kottathara, Kerala, India.

During the inauguration of the children’s park, nurses and doctors from the hospital gathered along with the team members of Making More Health from Southern India and our local NGO. Everyone was given a flower, while Manuela Pastore and a doctor from the hospital cut the band, opening the park. It was a happy event with lots of smiles! The Making More Health Park will be useful for patients who have long waiting times, giving them something fun to do outside while they wait.

Earlier this year, February 2019, a Making More Health Awareness Center was opened here at the tribal hospital in Kottathara. The objective of this center is to raise awareness about health and give an education on topics such as pregnancy and nutrition to patients while they wait for treatment. The Making More Health awareness center is interactive and is a place where patients can go to look at posters and videos.

Step by step, Making More Health is working with the tribal hospital and local organisations, co creating to impact the local community and contribute to a healthier world.

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