Human Health

Women’s Health // Children’s Health // General Health // Nutrition

Women’s Health

An introduction to women’s health: information on external/internal anatomy.

Presentation on the different methods of contraception for women.

Learn about Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), Breast cancer and problems with pregnancy.

Fact sheet covering topics about Women’s Health.

Children’s Health

A game to get children active.

A fun way to test children’s memory.

Identifying foods by taste.

A game to test a child’s knowledge on shapes.

Learn about the common signs of emergencies with children and what to do.

Learn about the stages of a child’s development.

General Health

Learn what infectious diseases are, examples of infectious diseases, use of antibiotics and common childhood diseases.

Learn about standard hygiene practices.

Learn about causes of diabetes and how to spot diabetes.

Learn about Diabetes with a card game!

Learn about Mental Health with a card game!


Learn about the food groups that make up a healthy diet.

Learn about nutrition, food habits and vitamin deficiencies.

Fact sheet covering what nutrition is, the different food groups, malnutrition and healthy tips.

A card game to help you learn about nutrition.

Helping you cook healthy tribal meals yourself!

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