Welcome to the myMMH platform. Making More Health (MMH) is a global initiative aiming to create a healthier world for everyone. We support and engage with Self Help Groups (SHGs) and lower income communities in India and Kenya. MMH organises trainings and long-term programs, from which we have developed materials and educational tools. The myMMH platform provides you with these materials for FREE to download and reuse as they are helpful and informative. 

“I wish all of you a really good learning experience with the myMMH platform. Digital knowledge is the key to make social innovation and change happen, to create benefit in rural areas and to offer access to the world. I hope that access to digital knowledge via our platform will create a real win for everyone.” – Manuela Pastore, Global Director of the Making More Health-initiative

Header Image source: Ralf Tepel, Karl Kübel Stiftung, Germany

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