This platform offers materials for free, which might help you to learn and raise awareness about health-related topics on well-being, prevention, hygiene and safety issues – for daily life situations and people who lack of access and awareness, particularly people living in self help groups in rural and slum areas. Please feel free to download, share and discuss.

All these materials have been developed together with Health care experts and safety professionals as well as NGO partners and local Stakeholders. We have used and tested them in MMH projects and trainings which we  run in South India and Kenya. Most of the posters are in English, some material is available also in Kiswaheli, Tamil and Malayalam.

Who we are

We from the Making More Health (MMH), an initiative set up by Boehringer Ingelheim and NGO partners, is a global initiative aiming to create a healthier world for everyone. MMH organizes health-related and income generation trainings. We believe that these materials should be re-used and spread to all people who are in need of more awareness and teachers. The myMMH platform provides you with these materials for FREE.

“I wish all of you a really good learning experience with the myMMH platform.  I hope that these materials will be used in many parts of the world and  will create a real win for everyone.” –Manuela Pastore, Global Lead of the Making More Health-initiative